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A. Sandro Botticelli (1444­1510) orginally began his career as an apprentice under the famous artist Filippo Lippi. When he began painting, he originally used different apprentices to organize his supplies and materials so he was able to focus on the painting. By the time he turned 15 years old, he was talented enough to open his own workshop dedicated to only his work. B. This portrait is known as “Lamentation of the Dead Christ” and depicts Christ surrounded by the Virgin, St. Peter, Mary Magdalene, St. John the Evangelist, St.
Jerome and St. Paul. Botticelli’s work displays these characters with distress and sadness shown on their faces, meant to reflect their feelings towards the death of Christ. C. This scene shows typical elements of Renaissance culture by displaying the religious figures during that time, as well as the expressions on the character’s faces were related to the preachings by Savonorala that had began during that time. It also depicts the typical style of clothing that religious figures were believed to have worn during that time period. D. Botticelli’s style evolved into one that was very distinct. His portraits seemed to have a melancholy or sad characteristic to them, observed by the facial expressions on the characters. Botticelli was famous for his distinct facial expressions and detailed outlining of the human body, with shading characteristics and muscular detail as well as flowing line structure to make the picture as…