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Both Seydou Keita and Wangechi Mutu combine elements that are considered in non-western and western art, such as African conventionalism. Keita displays a blend of both western and non-western art through his photographs of Africans in traditional dress and poses (non-western) while also having them in what would be considered western poses such as being on mopeds or next to guitars. On the other hand, Mutu uses the same idea of depicting African people but rather than being traditional she does not have a distinct focal point and portrays this idea of hyper sexuality. By doing this, Mutu blends the distinction between Non-western and western because she takes the western art categorical distinction of sexuality of the African woman and combines it with non-western traditional clothing. Overall, due to the blend both artists used they make it hard for the audience or art evaluators to distinctly characterize their work as western or non-western art.

Edourard Manet’s “A Bar at the Folies-Bergere” could be considered the first Modern Painting due to the fact that Manet’s work conveys a new perspective rather than what art prior to the nineteenth century did. Before modern art most artists told stories of religion or specific scenes until artist like Manet began to create art about people, places, or things that interested them, which is what is seen in “A Bar at the Folies-Bergere.” In addition, Monet’s artwork is revolutionary in the fact that rather than painting someone of