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Mary Roach
ARTS 1301-71428
September 15, 2013
Which Lily?
Umida Palmer
North Lake College

“Which Lily?” is an oil painting created by artist Umida Palmer. This oil on canvas painting was created sometime this year, 2013, and measures 24x36. This piece of artwork is located at North Lake’s central campus art gallery. This piece of beautiful art appeals to me because it represents innocence and curiosity. It reminds me of purity and goodness in this, what can be harsh and cruel world. The painting captures a simple time in life.

Palmer’s oil painting includes a young innocent looking girl who is studying a lily plant with just one purple fully bloomed lily and looks to be questioning things in life. It looks as if the woman in the painting is perhaps searching for some kind of answers. The artist only uses a few colors to represent simplicity. The girl is dressed in white, which makes the girl appear innocent. The lack of space between the girl and the lily shows how interested the girl is in studying the lily. The artist includes shading behind the girl as if she were in light, showing the brightness in her thinking and curiosity. Palmer uses emphasis in this oil painting focusing in on the lily. Observers notice that only one lily is fully bloomed and is beautiful in purple and white, while the other lilies have not bloomed yet or showed their distinction. Palmer uses looking outward as her theme in the oil painting. The theme is expressed in this oil