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Nora Eaton
Art 215
November 9, 2013
Essay #2 Hagia Sophia and Dome of the Rock Hagia Sophia and Dome of the Rock (or the Mosque of Omar) are both very important and famous churches that represent Christianity. Hagia Sophia is located in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey and Dome of the Rock is located on the Temple Mount in the old city of Jerusalem. Hagia Sophia was built in 1520 by two famous architects, Anthemius of Trallus and Isodors of Miletus. Dome of the Rock was built by built by Caliph Omar between 687 and 691. It is said that Muhammad (The founder of Islam) is believed to have ascended into heaven from this church. Both of these churches are an important part of history because they have each had a significant affect on Christianity and other religions such as Hinduism and Judaism. Hagia Sophia and Dome of the Rock have many things in common, especially when it comes to their architecture. For example, they both have a huge dome at the top of the building. Hagia Sophia’s dome is grey and Dome of the Rocks dome is gold. Both of them also display syncretism because Hagia Sophia’s interior contains marble columns that were taken from ancient buildings. Dome of the Rock displays syncretism as well because this church is believed to have reconciled certain Christian beliefs. Another similarity these churches have is at one point in time; Hagia Sophia and Dome of the Rock were the largest cathedrals in the world. Hagia Sophia was the largest for over one thousand years and Dome of the Rock was best known for having the largest dome in the world for over thirteen hundred years. Hagia Sophia and Dome of the Rock also have many differences. One difference is that Dome of the Rock not only serves a religious purpose, but it also serves a political purpose. Hagia…