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Mary Grace Lingad
Art 3
Ms. Hoover
May 20, 2013
Art Project
Gary Wilson is an artist who uses clay on his artwork. He is inspired by nature and has incorporated many natural elements into his pieces. This piece really caught my eyes, when I first saw it. The color of this artwork was done really well. The design is really simple, but you can tell that it took time to finish this artwork. He started with the idea of dark color, then light color on the middle of the base. His vase was decorated with the sea life, which really incredible. He mold and used glazing in his piece. The piece was molded really well the shape of the vase was well done. The texture is really smooth. The way he add design is creative. The color is really simple but the mix colors from light to dark are really incredible. He uses a lot of techniques one of them is glazing. I've done some glazing before but it's really hard. This piece really stands out because of the glazing part, and its ecofriendly. I think Gary Wilson used these techniques to make it simple, but really stands out when you first look at it. The lines on the leaf are incredible it looks so real. The details on the sea life were really hard, but he made it work. He puts some design on the bottom and it really helps to make it a little interesting. He put the sea horse. I think the sea horse looks really real. I can tell that Gary Wilson used different glazes on the vase. This artwork represents nature because of the designs, and the…