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Part One: Critical Writing

Analysing from the subjective frame

My first impression of the portrait of Ginevra Benci by Leonardo Da Vinci was that it was painted in a very realistic way, to me it represents beauty of the world around us. It shows detail and emotion. Directly behind the young lady in the portrait is a Juniper tree, in the background there is also a lake behind her left shoulder showing off the beauty of the landscape behind it. The portrait shows the perspective Da Vinci saw the woman in and painted her as he saw her not how she was exactly. Although she may have been painted in a look-alike way to herself in reality she has a look of sternness in her face which I believe is not how she would have been standing but how Da Vinci must have seen her.

Analysing from the structural frame

The Lines used to create the Juniper tree in the background are sharp and detailed, the lines in the landscape behind the lake look very carefully placed. The shapes are also very detailed to help create a look of realism within the portrait. The colours mostly used within this artwork are tones of browns and some blue that contrasts against all the browns. The artwork is done with oil on wooden panel it has a smooth texture