Analysis Of Fiona Hall And Jean Michael Basquait

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Fiona Hall and Jean Michael Basquait are highly influential artists which express great social and political beliefs through their artworks by creating a connection between the world, audience and interlinking criticism of human kind. Hall and Basquait both respond to conflicting ideas that are impending on our contemporary world and express these ideas through their work. You still need to find some text that expresses shared narratives/themes, however broad

Fiona Hall is one of Australia's most prominent contemporary artists, who explores the interaction between humanity and nature. Hall expresses conflicting ideas of consumerism, economic impact and human impact on the environment. Hall is known for her unconventional use of material which adds an intriguing element to the gallery space. 'Paridis Terristris' 1990 is a series in which is made up of intricate sculptures consisting of mundane, unconventional- everyday? items such as sardine tins folded over with the key taken out. They are then resolved by delicate etchings conveying the interlinking idea of humanity and nature. Hall is inspired by the process of science and research and this is seen through out her works of 'Paridis Terristris' 1990 and also 'Dead in the Water' 1999. 'Dead in the Water' 1999 is constructed by the use of non-traditional materials such as white,basic plumbing pipe to present to the audience about the importance of nature and humans negative impact upon it. The installation is surrounded by clear pristine glass to act as a means of preservation. There is a dividing line which represents water as if to be exploring the idea of the pristine and beautiful oceanic world. The pipe above the water line portrays human impact but as you go down the pipe turns into delicate headed creatures in which show the ocean world. Through these artworks we can see her beliefs and views of critism on human impact and the beauty of nature which is demonstrated to us as the audience. She expresses her passion for the interaction of humanity and nature and criticises on society for the impact we have on each other. The research is a critical part of her art making practice for it comments and backs up her work which makes a political stand on society.

Such criticism on humanity and the ideas of social and political beliefs is also explored through the works of Jean- Michael Basquait. - this is a good starting point, though could be slightly more expanded upon.

Jean- Michael Basquait was a social and political artist who explored and expressed political and social views of racism and self. Basquait was involved in the movement of street art and multiculturalism. Every work he created was a comment on racism. "This is why I do art... To get black people in galleries". Basquait conveyed his beliefs and views through his artworks 'Notary 1983' and 'Untitled (skull)' 1981. 'Untiled (skull)' 1981 was a response to Van Goghs self portrait. Although to be said as childish in his way of painting, it is seen as naive and highly effective. His