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Compare and Contrast Art Essay
In this essay I will be comparing and contrasting two different artworks, both artworks are wooden sculpture sets. The first one is “Ideas about Fashion: Disguise or Reality” made by Rod Dudley and the second is “Ship of Lost Souls” by Liz William. Dudley’s sculpture is nine freestanding carved pieces depicting the ladies with wide, bright colours. While William’s work shows eleven figures in various stances on a boat. Each piece uses similar mediums, and they both have been displayed in the outdoors.
The piece “Ideas about fashion: Disguise or Reality” is a set of carved freestanding statues. The sculptures have been painted leaving minimal natural wood. The women appear tall and thin with smiles from ear to ear; to me this comes across almost comic like because of the expressions. Their clothing most definitely relates back to the title ‘Ideas about Fashion’ because it seems as if this is Rod Dudley’s way of showing his ideas of fashion. The trees in the background are an in textual references of what the sculptures are made of, the characters are placed together. Dudley’s piece can be viewed from all angles making it more interesting, however only the view from the front you can see the facial expressions on the women.
The piece “Ship of Lost Souls” is a set of carved and constructed with a variety of mediums. The sculptures were positioned with great care and precision along a boat which is afloat in the water. The sculptures have very little detail and no colour being left with a natural wooden colour to contrast against the dark shellac of the boat and water. The reflection of the water in the piece gives a setting or backdrop, mirroring the image and reinforcing the image and space. The position of figures along the ship are places gradually reaching a certain point and then declining the poses look slightly unnatural, there is different parts of a body placed along the ship (i.e. a head on the front of the boat and legs on the rear of the ship.
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