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Final Evaluation
My final piece is about the war between Israel and Palestine. My final piece is to raise awareness of the war that is happening between the two countries. My final piece is to get the attention of the people and make them realise that the war has not stopped ad people are still dying.
The reason that I chose this topic is because I think people have forgotten or are just not paying any attention to the war. This war could have been stopped a long time ago. Palestine could have avoided the destruction of their land, the loss of hundreds of innocent live. Have people forgotten the massacre. Have they forgotten the illegal occupation of Palestine? This topic also has a connection to my religion.’ How can you call yourself believer while your brother goes hungry?’(Hadith) from this you can tell that it is as a Muslim a duty to help the people of Palestine. It has also been said ‘the ummah is like a body when one part aches the whole body aches’. The people of Palestine have been forgotten about and I made my final piece about Palestine and their illegal occupation so people remember the Palestinians. I want to capture war on one page like my critical artist.
The materials I used in my final piece are water colours like my critical artist Dr Michael Siegel. In my final piece I have drawn a piece sign in the bottom left corner the reason behind it being drawn in the left bottom corner was to show how low there was a chance for peace to come but I had drawn it big to show how much the people of Palestine wanted peace. Also at the bottom of the page are two buildings to represent the very few buildings left standing in Palestine. The is a silhouette of a solider which is in black and is big to show how a soldier looks through the eyes of a Palestinian, the soldier to be big to show power and black to show darkness. Also along the bottom of the page there is a tank next to the buildings ready for attack, the tank is half on the page to show that it is coming to harm the people of Palestine. On top of the peace sign and the buildings is wire to portray that the freedom of Palestine has been captures and their rights are caged away from them. Above all this on the left top corner I have both the Palestine an Israel flag next to each other to show who the war is between. Just below the flags s a puff of smoke coming from the buildings with fire to shoe attack on them and above that is the words ‘ power = war’ to portray that Israel has power and that how it started Israel wants more power so they broke in to war with Palestine. The words are painted in red to show the bloodshed of many in Palestine. They are two planes coming on to the page in the right top corner to show that attack is here and it is coming not only on the ground but in the air. There are