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For this art project, we were given the theme 'urban landscape’; from using this title I followed a number of different steps in enabling me to complete my final piece. My final piece was completed after having done a lot of preparation in my sketchbook and studies about techniques used by many artists and most significant and inspirational for me was Sigmar Polke, but there were also other artist and their techniques that inspired me such as Andrea Derain (the use of colour symbolising strong meaning), Picasso (blue period) and Van Gogh (expressive ink and his wobbly and strange distortion of matter, sky).
The meaning behind my final piece is to show the journey of life, the journey of nature in the urban landscape and my personal journey that has molded both of us for the greater good, It was exactly what it needed to be. But I am also aware that our journey in life is never one that is perfect. But it is the best one that could ever be.
My final piece shows a variety of techniques and colours to symbolise how grate and immense life is, full of emotions and experiences. From looking at my final piece you can see journey of our nature, our urban landscape by looking at the tree (through the layering) that slowly transforms into crane with then becomes into the famous Olympic orbiter, symbol of progress and development. Alongside the journey of nature is shown also my personal journey (on the first layout) from Italy (Vicenza) where I used to live to London where I live now.
In the second layout I used oil pastels to show the journey of nature because I think oil pastel is the right material to use as it’s very bright smooth and pure. In this process I used Andre Derain’s techniques about symbolic colour. I coloured the tree With tones of Blues because it symbolise peace and calmness but at the same time it links also to Picasso idea about blue representing sadness because it’s about to be destroyed and transformed into a man-made creation. Then the tone of the colour start to change following an analogous change to become at the end orange and red tones which suggest the man-made creation is more energetic and entertaining but at the same time it can also be interpreted as danger and ruin for our life styles which become obsessed with this new and fun creation.
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