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Thesis and Subclaims
Historical Evidence
Symbolism from Art Art by­ Caitlyn Coles

In creating the art piece, “Terror Vision” I was hoping to illustrate the impact that American’s involvement in war has had on its citizens.
America’s history of participating in wars has opened it’s citizens eyes to the horrors of war prompting them to look for peaceful avenues for resolving conflicts.
America’s involvement in Vietnam shocked Americans causing them to try end the Vietnam War and to avoid future wars.
Vietnam being the first and only televised war brought home to
Americans the true face of war.
An example of this can be seen in the survey results taken by the Gallup Polling Company between May of 1966 and February of 1968. In asking the
American public about their support for the war the results of the survey show the impact of watching two years worth of war coverage and particularly the Tet offensive resulting in a complete reversal in America’s support for the war. Over the course of the two years support for the war dropped from a majority supporting the war to less than 38% and only continued to plummet as the war drug on.
My art piece reflects this impact by portraying a young girl with a horrified expression resulting from her viewing of the war on television. The shock from these images of war caused many American’s, particularly the youth, to grow angry and eventually activist over
America’s continued involvement in…