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We all know what the Renaissance was, Micheangelo, Leonardo, Raphael who created some extraordinary paintings and sculptures that we continue to marvel throughout over many centuries later and so on and forth. “The Renaissance” that means a name that we have given to a period in western history during which the arts which is so important in classic cultures were received (Esaak,2013, article 1) There were different phases of the Renaissance which brought different emotions and seeing’s towards the feelings they brought towards there paintings. To get a better understanding on each artist towards there painting. The Sixteenth Century- Italian Art the late renaissance took place between 1527-and 1600’s and included the artistic school known as the Mannerism, additionally the Renaissance thrived in Venice. An area so unique that an artistic “school” has been named in its honor. Then we had the Early Renaissance which was the forgoing of paintings between the years 1417-1494. Florence was the spot, for a number of factors that the renaissance period really caught hold and stuck to.

Leonardo was born on April 15, 1452 in Vince, Italy outside of Florence. His mother and father separated when he was just a kid. His father had gotten full custody of Leonardo and he grew up having full access to scholarly texts owned by family and friends. Being exposed to Venice’s long lasting paintings ( His master). At the age of 15 his father brought him upon the renowned workshop of Andrea del Verrocchio in Florence. Leonardo was extremely talented so talented that his genius had seemed to have seeped into a number of pieces of Andrea’s workshop in the late Renaissance. Which one of his top that brought his master to even resign to paintings and drop the brush. Was when he contributed into painting the “Baptism of Christ” This painting was one of his top peak points to hit. In this picture he painted an angel that seemed so different from his master Verrocchio other angels. He painted it so much more realistic having more meaning and having more of a natural look to it. Unlike his masters Verrocchio’s angels that he had painted seemed to not even part take in to the baptism. Looking elsewhere as if they didn’t know what was going on. Leonardo’s angel was an altarpiece commissioned by monks of San Salvia, church. ( The painting was mainly done by using Tempera on wood and oils, the angel that he had painted was done in oil this was the new medium. In the picture the panel was the central section of the polyptch. Side panels and a predella were painted in the early 1460’s. The altar piece was in the chapel of Saint John the Baptist. The town, visible in the distance to the left of Christ, may be meant for Borgo Sanselpocro; the landscaping certainly evokes the local area. The dove symbolizes The Holy Spirit. God The father, the third member of the trinity may have originally represented in a roundel above the pave ( Leonardo picked up a style throughout his paintings which followed him through his career as a painter.