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Katherine Moran
History of Art and Visual Culture 102-099WB
Prof. Denise Budd
Greek Architecture Assignment

The Greek architecture surprises by the complexity of their construction as well as for its vigor, harmony and refinement. It also suggests eternity, as it has endured over the millennia and still inspires awe and appreciation to observe its huge stone columns, stoic beauty and fine craftsmanship. The Greek architecture used as principal element the columns, and it is considered an essential element of the aesthetics of his art. Also, as a principal construction material was the marble. Though they built several kinds of buildings (theaters, stadiums, etc.), the most representative building was the temple.
Its style is used in museums, courthouses, libraries, government buildings and monuments. Some notable ways in which even the Greek style is used include columns, friezes (sections on the columns) and decorative elements.
Almost every day I see this building, and it is the Bergen County’s Court. This building is located in Hackensack, NJ. For me this building has similarities with the Greek/Roman Architecture. First, this building is decorated with columns and this columns are from the Ionic order. These columns are similar to the Greek columns because both columns have flutes. Also, in these columns of this building we can see drums like the Doric order. The difference between this building and Greek buildings is that the Greek used these columns as…