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Castagno shows a vibrant color scheme, with the use of light and dark shades of color in his painting. He uses linear perspective and the use of different geometric shapes throughout the painting that actually distract from the message and theme. A Lavish background, with the figures gathered around the table center it in composition. The orthogonal lines of the ceiling, floor, and walls draw the viewer in to a single focal point, below the hands of John. The two windows, unify the paintings yow separate spaces. Castagno uses realism in this painting. The colors of the apostles robes, and their placement in this scene contribute to the theme of this painting. DaVinci’s work is brightly colored with light shades. Obviously taken place during the day. The surroundings are intimate. DaVinci’s placement of the table is in the center with the subjects facing the viewer of the piece. This painting has a one point linear perspective that is behind Jesus’ head. Jesus is the center, and his disciples are grouped in threes in this piece. This painting is an example of high renaissance style. DaVinci’s composition I more powerful, and the eye is drawn to the central figure Jesus. This composition is the use of geometric shapes, mostly rectangles. DaVinci uses renaissance humanist art, and realism. He also focuses in on Christ rather than the surroundings in this painting. Tintoretto uses a deep dark color scheme, and the only light color scheme in this painting is the fire.