Final Exam: Anish Kapoor Cloud Gate

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Final Exam

Section One
Anish Kapoor Cloud Gate
1. This piece is a large stainless steel structure that can be described as a large sphere that is indented on the bottom. The indent on the bottom of the sphere allows a space for people enter the structure, able to see their distorted figures reflecting off the steel. The figure is located outdoors in a city. The city buildings can be seen in the steel reflection on the outside of the figure.
2. The steel material allows for the outside objects to be reflected onto the figure. The city scape or anything that may pass by can be seen on the outside of the figure, and anything that may pass through the inside will be reflected. Without the stainless steel the reflections would not be there, and the piece would not have as much excitement.
3. The work can be viewed by anybody in the area. It is a public piece that does not require museum or gallery entry. This allows for a larger, less focused audience.
4. The beautiful city scape that can be seen in the figures reflection certainly must have come into play when the artist was choosing the site. Also, the fact that many people pass through the city and can pass through the opening of the structure creates more popularity for the piece. The large structure probably would not be as interesting in a museum or gallery, there would not be much for the stainless steel to capture and reflect.
5. I think the fact that people can pass through the figure and see their reflection creates excitement for the piece and its viewers. The way the viewer can enter the piece is also interesting. Rather than just seeing their reflection on the outside, seeing it on the inside of the structure and the way it arches reflections upwards creates more interesting effects. The large object that reflects all of the cities life almost seems to be a protective force. The arch and stainless steel give it some kind of ambiance that seems as though it is somehow protecting the city.
6. The piece reminds me of some of Richard Serra’s works, with the large size and bent shape. Also the fact that the viewers interact with the piece and walk through and around it reminds me of common themes seen in Serra’s works. The rounded figure and bold appearance reminds me of some of Otterness’s pieces as well. Although this piece does not create a specific distinct form like Otterness’s pieces do, many of Otterness’s figures have a similar rounded shape and to me stand out in the same way that this piece does. I think this piece can also relate to some of Pomodoro’s large scale pieces. The bold expression and way the piece stands out and sort of takes command of its location can also be seen in some of the works of Pomodoro.
Roxy Paine Bluff
1. At first glance, I was not sure where the piece was. I was confused and continued to search for some type of sculpture. Then, I noticed one of the trees had a silver tint. It was nearly identical to all the others, but made of stainless steel rather than being a natural tree.
2. It is certainly interesting to see a tree made out of steel amongst natural trees. Obviously if the artist chose material like wood or something that closely resembled it, the piece would not stand out as much. Choosing shiny stainless steel makes the piece stand out and makes this tree distinguishable from the others.
3. The work is viewed by anyone that may be in this particular park. It is not located in a gallery or museum so it is a public art piece.
4. The piece blends into the site very well. At first glance, it seems to resemble a normal tree and looks very similar to the surrounding trees. If this was not located in this particular location, it may not blend in as well. If the area was more wooded with darker forest-like colors, the tree would probably stand out more.
5. I’m thinking this park is located in a city. Perhaps the artist is bringing the feel of the city into the