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Lovato, One March18, 2014

“The Last Supper”
The last supper painting was painted by Leonardo da Vinci in the year of 1495 through 1497. This painting has caught my eye because it’s chaotic and as well very historical. The painting represents the final gathering of Jesus Christ with his disciples; this however was the last supper before Jesus was crucified. Leonardo da Vinci captures an awesome image of a moment that is in a Gospel book of Mathew in the bible. In the painting there are many emotions expressed by his people. Some of them are “shocked”, and confused even dismayed about what is going on but only one, only Judas knows that indeed, it is he as quoted straight out of the book.
Leonardo’s painting The last Supper is a four dimensional figure with a balance of light to dark. This painter used different shadings of light to focus Jesus and the people at the table to look alive. Leonardo had a vision of this painting to show people what happened at The Last Supper referred to what was written in the bible. Moving forward the painter used asymmetrical balance to balance out movement of his disciples at the table.
Last Supper is an amazing painting, I believe that Leonardo da Vinci painted this portrait to catch others attention to understand what had happened on this day, and how important this was and still is today. Not only is it just a painting it also has an interesting story behind it. In the painting scale is a factor because due to the lighting of the background maximizes space in the room to not…