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January 15th, 2015

Art of Late Gothic Italy – 1000-1300AD
Virgin and Child Enthroned, Florence, 1280s
Italo-Byzantine Style
Gold, stylized figures
Hierarchical scale
Icon = Image for devotion
Vasari – 16th Century (1500s) Art Historian
Virgin and Child Enthroned, Florence, 1310
Return to nature

January 20th, 2015 Late Gothic (continued)
St. Francis (Franciscans)

February 3rd, 2015
Maesta (Virgin in Mystery) Siena Cathedral 1309-1311
Tempera Panel Painting
Double Sided
Combination of Italo-Byzantine AND American Gothic Style
Compare Duccio’s Kiss of Judas with Giotto’s Kiss of Judas
Ambrogio Lorenzetti
Allegory of good and bad government, Siena City Hall, 1338
True Fresco
Political Propaganda – More secular

February 5th, 2015
Ambrogio Lorenzetti
Allegory of good and bad government, Siena Town Hall, 1338
Religions/Secular Image
Political propaganda
Simone Martini
St. Louis of Toulouse Altarpiece, Naples 1317
Annunciaton, Siena/Florence, 1333
Leads to international gothic style (1350s-1420s)
Style of the courts of Europe
Elegant and beautiful
Combination of Italo-Byzantine and northern gothic
Tres Riches Heures, France 1413-1416
Illuminated manuscript
Book of hours
January page

February 12, 2015
International Gothic Style
Style of the courts of Europe
Aristocratic subject matter, elegant costumes, rich materials, gold
Limbourg Brothers
Tres Riches Heures, France, 1413-16
Book of Hours (Prayer Book)
Illuminated Manuscript
January Page
Gentile Da Fabriano, Adoration of the Magi, Florence, 1420s
The Renaissance
Early – 1400-1500
High – 1500-1520
Late – 1520-1550s

February 26th, 2015
Humanism – Synthesis of ancient and Christian ideas.
B. Rossellino, Tomb of Leonardo Bruni, Florence, 1440s
Competition Panels, Baptistery, Florence, 1401-2
Bronze Doors (South Doors by Andrea Pisano, 1330s)
Subject: Sacrifice of Isaac (Old Testament)