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Prehistoric- Gothic Art Resources
1. Paleolithic Period-
This site provided information about the Old Stone Age period. The site was useful in finding: articles, books, and other websites related to the time period. I learned about how the people created paint through that time. I didn’t know one of the ingredients to was “animal fat.” It also discusses information about the limestone carving, Venus of Willendorf.

2. Ancient Middle Eastern (Sumerian)-
I found these sites to be educational in figuring out what the carvings during the time period were trying to communicate/represent. The website provides how the Sumerian writing system and the Proto-Sumerian Language Invention Process worked. It gives explanations and images for each term, and how they are represented in the time period. (I would like to make a painting using the Sumerian syllabic signs to tell a story about myself. I believe that is why I found this resource to be so engaging.)

3. Ancient Egypt- The website has information on: pyramids and monuments, mummification, religion/Gods/beliefs, Pharaohs and Dynasties, art and artifacts, hieroglyphs, and Egypt’s way of living. I enjoyed this website because it is interesting to learn about their culture and the reasons behind why they made certain things the way they did.
1.) Prehistoric Art: Egyptian Art
History’s Most Protected Monuments: Global Treasures Karnak Egypt.
I chose this film because of the interesting hieroglyphs and paintings that were found in Karnak. I have always had a huge passion for Ancient Egyptian art and its culture. I enjoy looking back on the stylized art during this time period and