Art In Pablo Picasso's Chasing Vermeer

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Art has been part of our lives since the world has been created. In the book Chasing Vermeer they focus on one type of art but, there are many different types of art. Art has many different places in everyone's lives. Something beautiful and enjoyable to one person can be a nightmare or not enjoyable to another. Art can come in many different forms from pictures to clothes, music and nature. When most people hear the word art the first thing they think about is a picture or a drawing. There are many different types people use pencils, paint, digital technology to put together different types of pictures. Art is a beautiful thing that can change a environment putting a certain painting in your house can change you house into a home. People think differently and it shows in there art. No ones Art work is the same it is based on feeling and thoughts. You can tell two people to draw the exact same thing and you can get to completely different pictures that they put together. We have famous artiest like Pablo Picasso who people pay thousand of dollars for a piece of his art, but just as a child's drawing they are both a priceless piece of art in others eyes. They way people dress is a type of art. Being able to choose what you want to wear on daily …show more content…
There are a variety of genres from Oprah to hip hop, county, and musicals. Music is a great way for people to express their feelings, it gives them something to relate too. It is amazing how creative people have become in putting different stories into the music. It can really change a person day or help a person connect to a point in their life that they are going to. People have talent to be able to touch someone's soul in there rhythms , rhymes , beats and words. Music has even been a learning tool for our children by giving them songs to help remember things as there ABCS & one, two, threes. I find myself singing sounds I learned as a child when I need to recall