Art: Love and Brooklyn Drecksel P .1 Essay

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Brooklyn Drecksel
Just a Walk in My mind
As I studied this picture I noticed the artist constructed the man and the woman as the main point surrounding them with bright lights and settling them in the center of focus. Besides the man and the woman, there are other things going on in this picture. Grasping onto each other the two personages stand tall walking through the rain as they hold an umbrella to keep them from getting wet.
Being encompassed by two different types of scenery that somewhat blend into each other throughout the picture; the right side blooming with bright colors in which are placed upon the trees and pouring a cheerful happy tone, and the other filled with mystery and a loneliness portraying a tree blackened by the night with only a river by its side and few lights to display the saddening tone to which the tree gives off.
The artist intended to build a story of everlasting love. The two people journey throughout life holding onto each other betwixt by the joy and the pain that was once in their past. They push past the big things that once pulled them apart and hoist their umbrella to shield them from the harmful rain that can potentially awaken the river that was once a little puddle. In essence the umbrella symbolizes the love and friendship in which the man and woman share with each other. The persons don’t let anything come in the way of their affection for one another, and will go on for eternity sheltering one another’s hearts.
This picture acts as a parallel to a life in which I envy. My heart desires an unbroken bond that operates almost as if it were a chain that is…