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Jill Holloway
Museum Report
4 p.m.
Ms. Young

On November 29, 2014 our space craft hovered over great St Louis area, each of us Martians picked a spot to be beamed into for our research on human entertainment. I found the St Louis Art Museum extremely interesting. I decided to be beamed down into the St Louis art museum As I reached the inside of the dark museum I used my light optical on the end of my finger to guide me through. I began my expedition, I noticed the there was an expedition called ATUA:SACRED GOD’S FROM POLYNESIA that started October 11th and ends January 4th 2015 but I did not find that to be interesting so I wandered around until I entered a room where some very interesting art caught my eye. The first thing I seen that intrigued me was Surrealism art, a painting by an artist name Roberto Matta, 1911-2002 called “To Cover the Earth with a New Dew”. This was an oil painting on canvas. I found it very interesting as it looked a lot like a bunch of tracer lights from a space ship. This reminded me a lot of home back on planet mars. I had read and learned that this was a hallucinatory landscape on the display, where the sun rises over a scene of swarming white insects with bizarre green and pink orbs I documented this as I beamed into another room where I gazed at a painting by an artist named Pablo Picasso, this captivating art was a called “Seated Woman”. This was very strange to me, I wondered what kind of creature this was that this artist had painted. The creature looked like a queen from a deck of cards somewhat with a strange oddly shaped face. The painting seemed to be disguised where you could not see the woman’s face. The woman was a very hideous creature. I thought to myself the humans had very strange looking woman on Earth. This piece I thought to be some sort of cubism art. I also came across another piece by Pablo Picasso called “Pitcher and the Fruit…