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Kim Ondaatje artworks at the National Gallery of Canada was praised and loved by everyone during that wonderful Tuesday night that many art admirers went to see great pieces of arts.
Kim Ondaatje is a Canadian painter, photographer and documentary filmmaker born in Toronto, Ontario. She studied at the Ontario College of Art and McGill University; she also completed a M. A. in Canadian Literature in Queen’s University. Between the years 1960-1964 Ondaatje was a part time lecturer at Wilfred University and Sherbrook University, following that 1965 she returned to her visual arts again in 1965 with painting full-time. Together with her two other companion Canadian artists Jack Chambers and Tony Urquhart, Kim created the first structure to be put in the museum and be paid for. Being a visual artist Ondaatje also found interest in making short documentary films and publishing books about photography.
Through her paintings you could see the variety of interests she had along with abstract and vague landscapes. Ondaatje made three painting series: landscape group entitled the Hill Series; an interior-based group of paintings titled The House on Piccadilly Street; and a final group of large industrial landscapes entitled the Factory Series. All her paints were displayed in National Gallery of Canada, and one of her former students had said, “It was a pleasure to have her as a professor; she had shown me her artwork once it was just amazing she could create something so inspiring and creative with just techniques and tools. Her paintings and films are part of various collections in galleries across…