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Sharda Shubert
December 4, 2012
Art or Vandalism

Is Graffiti an art or vandalism?
To so many people Graffiti is an art form of freedom and self-expression but according to the law it is a crime known as vandalism.
Graffiti, a marking or writing on a surface in a public area, is an art form that is considered illegal in most places. This is a decision that graffiti artist would disagree with.
Dizzy, 27 year old Graffiti artist from Philadelphia who did not want to expose his real name said, “No I don’t feel like graffiti is a crime at all!”
In the United States as well as most countries Graffiti or vandalism is known as an illegal act in public places and private owned property, although there are places where it is accepted and legal for the artist to go in their country.
Here in the US vandalism is serious and if caught consequences include a misdemeanor for property damage totaling up to $500 and a felony for property damage totaling up to $2,000. This amount can differ amongst states. That means a person who is caught can face fines, community service, probation, and even jail time for something some people consider art.
“I’ve done it in public places before and never been caught, mostly abandoned buildings, vans and trucks”, said Dizzy he also mentioned if he was ever caught he doesn’t think it would be worth the consequences which he might face.
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Sharda Shubert
Art or Vandelism
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“A felony charge is a bit harsh but it doesn’t eliminate graffiti any though”, according to Dizzy who has been practicing Graffiti since he was 13 years old.
According to there are 10 places where graffiti is legal those places include Hosier Lane, Melbourne, Australia where famous graffiti artist such as Bansky has tagged.
Warsaw Poland graffiti artist have a whole street called Topiel Street to do work on and they do not have to be bothered by police.
Tesnov, Prague near the Florenc Metro Station has a complete legal tagging area which is known for its good lighting.
Queens, New York here in The United States has an abandoned factory called “5 Pointz”. This is a place where artist must be reviewed and granted permission to place their work by the creator Meres One.
In Paris, France there are legal places scattered all over that are specifically for graffiti.
In Taipei, Taiwan there is not an official law on graffiti so artists don’t get into trouble unless a property owner complains.
An old silk mill called Rote Fabrik in Zürich, Switzerland is run by a group of graffiti artist.
Sharda Shubert
Art or Vandalism
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There is a wall of fame in Sydhavne, Copenhagen, Denmark which is so popular the pieces artist put up don’t last long because of the area being so high in popularity.
Burghausen, Germany has a huge graffiti wall that is 150 meters long and 8 meters tall which is also open to the public.
Lastly Venice Beach, California in the