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The Comparison OF Four Different Paintings

November 21, 2014

Ms. Tricia Cooper

Art 163

The art piece by Joan Brown, 1962, The young girl, oil on enamel can only be described as a young female that got away from a near death experience. The reason I believe she had a near death experience was because in the paintings background their appears to be a fire and the sky is red and their appears to be smoke. The reason I believe she was near death was how the artist painted this aggressive atmosphere in the painting. she appears to have ash marks on her face and body almost making her unrecognizable in the painting through the thick dark colors she chose. The brush work looked to be very aggressive because of how thick the paint looked on the painting. In my opinion this painting is a representational piece that the artist seemed to use from something happening at the time or of an old painful memory. The characteristic of the painting of the Young Girl, where during the time from the women’s movement and the philosophy behind the art piece seemed to show women are strong and can survive a bad situation. The mood of the painting seems to show the young girl got away with her life from the small grin on her face and clothes appearing to be burned. This artist did a magnificent job representing how a young girl would look like in a life or death experience. This painting is worthy of me choosing because after looking at it I figured out the message the artist was trying to give. The second painting I chose by Jerome Thompson, Recreation, 1857, oil on canvas show what a family and friends get together looked like during the 18th century. It also show that all the women in the painting have their eyes on a man. They all seem to be getting along great and having a good time. The atmosphere looks very relaxed and romantic. I like the aerial perspective of the trees and the mountains and the river. The hidden message is that all the couples are engaging but one couple looks hidden like their sneaking off somewhere else. This artist went into great detail that it almost looks like a Picture from a photo and not a painting. This artist was a great artist because I enjoyed looking at this picture at how clear and clean it looks, from the sky to the people to the trees u can see this artist took his time detailing every aspect of this painting. This painting is a representational painting because it looks like a happy memory this artist had in the past. This painting looked like it took place during the 18th century because of how they were dressed and the small town in the hills. The mood is love and affection because you can see the expressions in the women’s faces how drawn they are to the men. The artist succeeded in my opinion in showing how love is being with family or friends was during that time period. This painting is worthy because it is one of the clearest and nicest painting I saw that represent and nice calm day at the river in great company. Pablo Picasso, Still Life With Skulls, Leeks, and Pitcher, March 14, 1945, oil on canvas was a very difficult painting to understand. The reason it was difficult to understand was because I had to look at it a couple times to understand his message. This painting to me looks like a tree that was falling and dying because it hadn’t been watered in a very long time. The skull in my opinion illustrated death because the skull was on top of the tree. The hidden message was that the skull signalized death because of the war and people dying during that time period. The subject show that we all need water or else death come. The techniques in the painting were he used light colors and patterns with lines. This painting is recreational because it focuses on the war that was happening during that time. The artist philosophy was that he was trying to show what war does to life, only suffering and death. The mood of the artist painting was