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In the mid-1960s Jack Earl was familiar European non-literal pottery through showbooks in the Toledo Museum of Art's library. A workmanship training and earthware production instructor at the exhibition hall, he was attracted by the painted porcelain dolls invented at Meissen era throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth hundreds. He appreciated their extravagant dream and charms, and was fascinated by their describing qualities. By the 1970s, Earl was making his own particular representational hard-glue porcelains, But rather than the highborn symbolism favored at Meissen, his own particular certain pieces portrayed things, scenes, and individuals drawn first from his own creative energy, and afterward from the more ordinary world around him. Toward the end of the decade, Jack Earl had changed the European custom into a completely cutting edge and American. Rather than wistful, or romanticized representations, he created genuine and regularly surreal—characters and articles.
The subjects of Earl's porcelain designs for the most part are based upon the surrounded lives and lifestyles of individuals in his socially, residential area in Ohio. Normally, his clay pieces are occupied surroundings, keeping in mind he generally remains a record of the human life. Sensitive to the figurative and typical elements of the common lives around him, his porcelain people are regularly hoisted to the status of every man Jack Earl was inspired to pursue a career in art by his high school art teacher. He taught art at several high schools before studying art education at Ohio State University, where he earned an M.A. in 1964. He went on to teach art education and ceramics at The Toledo Museum of Art. There, he experimented with plaster and porcelain, working with both vessels and genre scenes. He also completed a successful series of artist-in-residence programs using industrial pottery at the Kohler Company.

One of his most noticeable masterpieces are called White Dog, and Spotted dog. Earl made these two pieces because he desired to contrast the two forms of dogs in the world. Earl mentioned that when people usually get dogs, it’s when their younger and cute. He describes that they’re hyper, drooling, and howling, kind of condescending towards them. Yet, when he writes about the old dogs he mentions that he prefers them rather than the younger pups since they “lay around and don’t bother you so much anymore”. - VRC Jack Earl VCRs Ceramics, PowerPoint.
The two contrasting sculptures he made are interesting to look at! Each dog is fairly small in…