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Josephine Wall
Mattea Holloway
April, 9,2014

Josephine Wall was born in May of 1947 in Farnham, Surrey, England. From a young age Josephine has been into art and the whole surrealist movement. Josephine is an acclaimed acrylic painter and sculpted. She has worked in other mediums through her life but acrylic let her be fast and free. Her pieces have been show all over England and in some American states. Her painting captures anyone's imagination and wonder. The deeper you look into her painting the more things you see. Over the years Josephine has picked up a signature of faces hidden inside the image. “it just sort of happened" she said. If you look at her newer work verses older you will see her style and technique has changed a bit. In some works the colors and image are very smooth and calm while in other you can see the brush stocks and the paint against paint, giving it a very raw feeling. Lots of her images/inspiration comes from things around her and things she's heard. Her greatest inspiration was of Arthur Rackam, and artists such as Magritte and Dali, and the romanticism of the Pre-Raphaelites. Josephine says “fantasy gives me the opportunity to portray the world as I would like it to be”, she expresses this in almost all of her pieces. She puts completely unrelated things together, like a girl and in the girl’s hair are animals, flowers, and household objects. Most of the time Josephine takes things from around her, like flowers from her beautiful garden at her home“Wisteria Cottage” in Dorset. She says "it comes from anywhere and everywhere". For instants one of the things Josephine's most inspired by is Tolkins writings or other fantasy authors. You can see lots of elements from stories inside her painting of you know where