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Art Review #1

Birth of Venus The Birth of Venus was created by renaissance artist Sandro Botticelli. He Created Birth of Venus in 1486. The painting was created using a canvas. The Birth of Venus is displayed at Galleria degli Uffizi which is located in Italy. I viewed this artwork online which could be found on The height of the painting is 172.50 centimeters by 278.50 length no frame. The focal point of this painting is Venus herself the way she positioned asymmetrical to her counter parts. Floating, in the center of the foreground with stark white skin; beams of light hitting her carefully painted curves. It conveyed a dominance look to mythological God. In this painting Botticelli uses line to his advantages. The implied line of the wind creates an overwhelming sense of the movement. The detailed lines in Venus hair shows her feminine structure. The golden locks in her hair shows off her dominance hair so free and full of life. The background lay flat against the canvas, so we could focus all the attention to the foreground. The detailing of venus body shows the most depth in the painting lines. The definition in her in her stomach, face, and hair. This painting illustrates articulate use line, color and expression. Another great element in this painting used is color. The outter background has a dark effect, while the sky seems like there a major storm coming through. The colors are bold. The foreground is light by the sun beam coming in from the right side, all the colors have many effects creating a generally happier mood to the painting. This would be abstract art paintings. The function of this painting would be social function century Italian painting, so rich in meaning and allegorical references to antiquity. “The Neoplatonic philosophical meaning is then clear: the work would mean the birth of love and the spiritual beauty as a driving force of life” This painting has so much meaning in social content let’s begin. “Whilst the works of the classical poets had been known through the middle Ages, it was only at the time of the Renaissance, when the Italians tried so passionately to recapture the former glory of Rome that classical myths become popular among educated laymen”. This painting was created the renaissance era. During this time Italian’s wanted to know more a mythological God’s. This Art reflects during the time 1482-1485 the Renaissance Era with many creative innovations, paintings and etc. For the men of the Renaissance, the mythology of the Greeks and Romans represented a superior form of truth and wisdom. Whilst Botticelli carried out the artwork, it is highly likely that the commissioner provided the original source of inspiration and that either he, or one of his learned friends, explained to the artist what was the story, as recounted by the ancients regarding Venus rising from the sea. “The story would have been seen as a symbol of mystery in which the divine message came into the world, and Botticelli has done his best to depict this myth in a worthy manner”. Overall during this time Greek God’s and