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Long ago, there was once a old brick house in the mid west the ones who have come across it have been fascinated by it because it is still standing in this present day. One thing that's just as fascinating as the house is the man who lives in it. Chris Duval, is a 36 year old man who used to be in the Army. Chris stands at 6'6 he was one of the tallest in the army and kept himself in great physical condition due to the vigorous workouts that came with joining the army training. Chris was only 24 when he left for the army and he met a woman by the name of Stacy Cavali. Stacy was a slim petite woman standing at 5'4 with long brunette hair and a smile that could light up a whole room. Well she was about 5'2 1/2 if you minus the boots she had on. As soon as Chris laid his baby blue eyes on Stacy it was love at first sight. Chris immediately engaged in conversation with Stacy and learned that she was Spanish and a single mother and served in the army force as well. Once they found something they both loved and were interested in it sparked up a relationship. The two kept in contact with one another for a long period of time by letters and phone calls, but due to their busy line of work they could not see each other as often as they would like to. The letters that the two wrote one another were a constant reminder that they were never alone and were still strongly in love. Until one day Stacy's letters just stopped coming. Chris questioned himself in his head "Why has Stacy stopped writing me?" These thoughts would come through his mind day after day. While Stacy's sudden disappearance was troubling him he had to keep focus because he was in the army and you have to keep focus on the task at hand, defending the United States of America. About 2 months later Chris was caught in a gun battle at which he had lost his left leg as a result. While recovering in the hospital Chris friend gives him letter. The letter was old, torn up and from the look of things it was already open. As Mohammad hands Chris the envelope, Chris asks, "What is wrong Mohammad?" as he sees Mohammad's eyes swell with tears. Mohammad carefully gives Chris the envelope and leaves the room. The person who sent the letter name was Tammy Cavali, Stacy’s younger sister. As Chris sees the last name Cavali he realizes that this letter is related to Stacy. He reads the letter over and over again in disbelief as tears come to his eyes and he breaks out into a frantic scream as he learns that Stacy was killed in crossfire about 2 months