Art Through The Ages Research Paper

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Art Through the Ages Paper
Jacqueline Aviles
January 21, 2015
Aida Dargahi
Art through the Ages Paper
The Characteristics of the Baroque era is very explicit. There are many ways to describe the Baroque era. It was one to have nudity in the paintings demonstrating the sexual connection in between women and the society. It was also known to help see the human body and give the world some insight on what it was really all about.
Peter Paul Rubens shows many women in their natural skin. He gives them a natural glow that almost makes you think women were very important back then. It was like a sort of glorification with the soft glow he would give them. In his paintings the men surrounding the women are faded to gray or darkened out. The aesthetic property of his paintings was to expose the human body really looked like under all those garments. The expressive property was to show the emotions being brought because of the sexual connection. The sensory property was to feel the narcissism being put out for the world to discover. The formal design is showing some sort of thin layer of sheet to cover a small part of the body.
I believe the meaning Peter Paul Rubens was trying to get across when paintings these pieces is that it doesn’t matter how many pieces of expensive clothing you are wearing, you will always be just as good as your neighbor wo owns nothing. He demonstrated the man being strong and fit, meaning they have to do the hard work to earn the daily