Types Of Art

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Through the time painting, music, and cinema had been the most common types of art that are interesting to me. Since childhood music had been the inspiration that motivated myself and make me develop a strong passion for it. Being able to write new songs and to produce music had been a gift that had been growing inside me since I was little. Everything in life turns the way of doing some kind of music and makes me enjoy each day more and more. Personally music is the best type of art that fits in my life and it is what interested me the most. When it comes to painting is a different story. I like and enjoy painting and drawing, but it is not something that I can do at my best. Even though in High School my schedule included art class and I had to paint for obligation. I will say that I like painting but it does not fit my personality and I do not enjoy it as much as doing music.
My exposure in cinema had been frequent because I am a singer and had to perform in front of many cameras. Being in videos or doing small movie clips is something that I learn to adapt to, not because I wanted to but it was something that is common for me. When it comes to dancing I have to say I am not very good at it but it is enjoyable and fun. One of the arts that do not fit me is theatre. I never liked doing theater, to me it is boring and pointless but that is just an opinion. I know many people that love doing theatre and I respect them. I believe that a specific type of art first has to fit your personality and when it does the chances of being very good at it are high. Sculpture is very interesting, viewing all the things being sculptured through the ages is something that makes a person think deeper because is a type of art that comes from planning ahead. Literature is a very important type of art. A person can express themselves through literature. Most people that I know love doing literary because they were born with that type of art inside of them. I do not enjoy doing literary but again it is something that you have to love it in order to enjoy it.
It is very interesting to see that as soon as you walk outside your home there is a type of art being used. Art is everywhere and everything that your eyes can see, hands can touch, and ears can hear had been created by using a specific type of art. True art has to express some type of feeling that was experienced by an artist, while art for rich estates demands beauty and grace, each time more and more sophisticated. That’s what I love the most in art. Art is a principle that is used in human