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1. Who were the Post Impressionists and what were they seeking? The post impressionists are famously known as Gauguin, Cezanne, Seurat and Van Gogh. It was a movement in response to the impressionist, they wanted to bring the soul, peotry and imagination back into art.

2. What factors influenced the Post Impressionists?
3. How did Cezanne feel about color?
4. How did Symbolist painter Moreau define woman?
5. Define monchromatic
6. Define primitivism
7. Define Fin de Siecle
8. What is Gauguin's Synthetism?
9. What was Montmartre
10. Essay (one short paragraph): What was the Haussmanization of Paris?
2. They were influenced by their souls and their emotions and desired to put them onto canvases
3. Cezanne was famous for his ability to use color to create optical effects, he believed you should try to create, not copy when making art and that color was a big part of creating.
4. Moreau defined women as beautiful spirits, many are depicted as either good or evil, and they also all have something over their head either a halo, crown, or lush hair.
5. The use of only one color or light of only one frequency.
6. Primitivism is the movement against movements…usually refers to the old fashioned way of doing things. These artists disagreed with western culture.
7. The end of a century usually referring to the 19th century. 8. Synthetism is a term for post impressionists to distinguish their work from impressionists, later to be called symbolism 9. A hill in the North