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Jessica McDonnell

An artist that is truly inspired is Zindy S.D. Nielson. She was born on August 18th 1979. She currently lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. Zindy has an online business where she sells her artwork. She mainly does traditional artwork but has also posted some photography. Her artwork includes portraits of ordinary people, celebrities, animals, and also some abstract paintings. Zindy’s art can be found on her website, and also on Deviant art at Zindy’s portraits vary from charcoal, pencils, color pencils, and pastels, to ink and pen. Every piece of artwork that she produces has a meaning, story, or emotion behind it. On her website she goes into detail about what the drawing means to her and what inspired it. Some portraits, such as the celebrity portraits, are all about precision and detail. Other portraits are fantasy such as angels and fairies. Zindy has amazing technique and all of her portraits are extremely realistic. Not only does Zindy do portraits but she also does paintings. Zindy’s paintings are extremely different than her drawings. They are abstract or usually contain the image of a heart. She uses watercolor, watercolor pencils and acrylics for her paintings. The paintings are made up of few colors usually in the earthly family. Zindy uses large brushstrokes to create a textured look to them. Zindy has made her artwork into many things that can be sold for commission. Her artwork is on sale on…