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Andrea Gathings

Professor Jenkins
Eng.132-019, Freshman Composition II
28 Feb. 2012

Girls Can Not Play Basketball

I remember the times I stepped on the court hearing “is she about to play” from the voices of young boys. The first thing that came to their minds was; she does not know how to play basketball, but sure enough I did. I think most men think that they are superior when it comes to women in any sport. Every time I play a pick-up game of basketball there is always one boy on the court who has to prove that he can play better than me; even when he cannot. I still deal with his today. It is not traditional for women to play sports against males; but I think with this being the twenty first century things have changed a little bit more than from how they used to be; or maybe I think that things have changed since I have gotten older. Maybe a little girls somewhere around the world is being stereotyped how I was when I was younger as she steps on the court.
As I played with the boys I kind of felt like an outcast. Some girls use to not want to hang out with me because I played with boys. I was sometimes not picked up to play in pickup games if there were enough boys to play five on five games. When you are a girls playing against boys you have to prove yourself. You have to show that you can play to get respect or do not give up gaining respect. It really did not take long for me to gain respect on the court playing against the boys. I was actually good so,…