Artesian: Water Wells and Pressure Essay

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Artesian is an adjective used to describe pure water which spurts from the earth under natural pressure without the need of a pump. Unadulterated, untainted.

Artesian Harvest™ is an interpretive use of language intended to describe a product line of whole leaf lettuces, which are harvested from the soil and made ready to eat without the adulteration of the leaves that occurs when leaves are cut and chopped into smaller pieces.

To dream of an artesian well, foretells that your splendid resources will gain you admittance into the realms of knowledge and pleasure.

Source: 10 000 Dream Interpretations, by Gustavus Hindman Miller

Syngenta Seeds, Inc. Launches Agrisure Artesian™ Technology, First Water-Optimized Technology for Corn Hybrids ________________________________________________________________________ About Us

Artesian Design Inc is a Design and Marketing firm located in Riverside, CA. Started in 2002, it is now one of the premier design firms in the Inland Empire, successfully serving small to medium sized businesses throughout the nation.

Why Artesian?

We are often asked why we chose “Artesian” as our name. Without going into a deep scientific discussion of aquifers, we’d like to take a moment to explain our analogy.

An artesian well is defined as:

1.well in which water is under pressure; especially one in which the water flows to the surface naturally. 2. a deep well
Water in an artesian well has several characteristics. First, it is typically a spring of pure, clean water. Second, it flows from a source far beneath the surface of the earth. Third, it is subject to internal pressure deep in the underground. And fourth, once tapped, the water flows to the surface naturally due to the extreme pressure that virtually squeezes it out. No pumping needed. This pressure often produces a powerful outpouring from the well.
We liken ourselves to an artesian well with the same characteristics. Our designs and ideas are clean and pure. No junk. No filth. No garbage. Just pristine representations of our clients’ image.
Our creativity and our business practices stem from a source far deeper than we are. A strong moral, ethical, and spiritual conviction tempers our very nature and all of our decisions. And what is seen on the surface is just a reflection of our internal makeup.
Life is full of pressure, especially in the business world; pressure to meet deadlines, pressure to create a stunning finished product, pressure to please customers, pressure to make a profit. However, we don’t believe in allowing that pressure to destroy us, but instead to challenge us, refine us, and inspire us to be better at what we do than we ever imagined.
Finally, we believe that once customers tap into the potential we have to offer, they will be delighted with the result. Our ideas and our designs will surface naturally as a powerful stream of creativity and quality. No pumping needed.


Once there was a peasant girl named Miriam who lived in a small village.
Her widowed mother had spent much time instructing the girl about the proper way to behave and taught Miriam right from wrong.

The summer of her twelfth year, Miriam's family became quite destitute. A region-wide drought caused the family's garden plot to wilt, then die.
There would be no vegetables to put up and savored through the cold months ahead. Food became very difficult to find.

At first, Miriam missed the taste of fresh corn and carrots. Then she craved them. Each day Miriam had to venture further from home to find water for her family's needs and every