Arthritis Do You Really Know Essay

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Arthritis Do You Really Know

Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis, While one is an autoimmune disease, one is a disease caused by low calcium or injury, totally different but confused as same disease. There are over one hundred types of arthritis, it is one of the most common chronic conditions. They are classified into types and these are based on there causes and symptoms. There are many people who suffer with these diseases even have been disabled or crippled. As they researched, studied and developed understandings of the differences between these types of diseases they realized that these two had many of the same characteristics but the differences and the progressions and symptoms had definite traits that made them stand out. Both can effect most any age and was shown to effect women more than men in people in people in there 40s' and 50s'. These symptoms, progression ans stages and the resulting treatments will be based on specific types of arthritis. With information and talking to the doctors there are ways to avoid faster progression, there are distinct differences, and connections that linked together in some way to make the quality of life as comfortable as possible with early detection. With Osteoarthritis (OA) and Rheumatoid arthritis (RA),so similar most people do not know that RA is a autoimmune disease and that OA is caused by a calcium deficiency, injury or age. Autoimmune conditions (RA) cause the body to attack its own antibodies, cartilage, tendons between bones. They don't know why this happens, depending on the severity and the rate of progression, the deformity of the joints and the severity of the pain and symptoms of the disease will vary for each person.. They are predisposed to infections and illnesses because the immune system is compromised with this disease. There is a marked change in the level of TNF (tumor necrosis factor) this is also called RA factor. With OA it is a wearing down of the bone and cartilage mainly because of the deficiencies of calcium and the aging process this may occur gradually and go untreated to a point when it becomes to painful or deformed to be functional. Depending on which one you have will determine what can be done through medications, treatments, or surgery. Although this is a simple explanation the understanding of these diseases it is clear we need to look and beware and prevent what we can. There are many common symptoms for OA and RA, these are based on there cause and type. Many arthritis have the same symptoms, they have specific factors that make them different. Common symptoms include swelling in the joints and tissues, pain, decreased flexibility with stiffness, usually occurring in areas such as the back, neck,hips , knee, elbows, fingers, toes and wrists. May experience aching sensation which may improve or worsen due to factors such as: weather, time of day, movement, and the activity they do. The differences are specific and have factors which effect other conditions that will need treatment. OA can require a joint replacement to correct the loss of the cartilage, and rebuild the joint to correct the deformity. This usually effects older people, it causes the joint and cartilage to break down and disintegrate leaving a bone on bone situation that needs to be addressed . RA the fact that this can cause deformities that cannot be corrected creates disability and a major life style change. Also with a immune system that is compromised they cannot fight off infections as well and are weaker in general from the disease. Remembering that this will effect each person on an individual basis being aware of this enables you to watch and get treatment when changes occur. There is treatment for both but it has to be taken care of earlier. if after it is advanced some damages are permanent. Generally the symptoms are treated with pain medications and anti-inflammatory medication, changes in diet and exercise need