Arthurian: King Arthur and Mythical Literary Aspects Essay

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Module 1 Exam: Essay

The Arthurian Stories by Wade and Layamon reflect a chivalric culture of loyalty and fidelity by the people of Arthur’s kingdom, and honor and bravery on behalf of Arthur himself. Both Wace and Laymon tell the legend that Arthur was “mortally wounded” in the first lines of the story, and that he would have his wounds treated in Avalon until he returned home to continue ruling his kingdom.
Both stories reflect that he is loved by the people of his kingdom, with Wace saying, “…and the Britons expect him and they say and hope.” (Lines 2-3). Laymon’s story quotes that “the grief would be incalculable at the passing of Arthur” (14289) and “the Britons are still always looking for when Arthur comes returning.” This not only shows the loyalty of Arthur’s people, but their faithfulness that he will in fact one day return to be king again. It is also inferred that Anglo-Saxon culture enjoyed folklore and tales of fantasy, with both having mythical literary aspects. Both talk of Merlin, a prophet who would proclaim to see Arthur’s future. In Wace’s story, “the prophet Merlin rightly said once upon a time that one would not know whether or not he were dead. The prophet spoke truly…”(6). Layamon’s story tells a tale that Arthur told his predecessor that he would visit the queen of the fairies, and she would heal him: “And I shall voyage to Avalon, to the fairest of all maidens, To the Queen Argante, a very radiant elf, And she will make me completely…