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An article recently published on outlines how the Mackay Family in Queensland took an ‘innovative risk for the produce industry’ and created an opportunity for consumers to significantly increase their consumption of fresh fruit. In establishing their brand “Fruit Bar”, the Mackay’s have utilised two key marketing principles, “Mental Availability” and “Physical Availability”. Their idea to create a Fruit Bar is also an example of a dynamic continuous innovation.
The Mackay family have used modern technology, vending machines, to distribute a product, fresh fruit, that consumers trust and would not necessarily require them to change or learn new behaviours. (chapter 7) They have ensured their brand is noticed and thought of by strategically placing their vending machines next to recognised brands, such as Coke and Mars Bar vending machines and thus offering consumers a healthy option or choice. Each day consumers are educated on the benefits of fresh produce by health authorities and (not sure whether to include this bit) By locating their pilot vending machines in busy public areas, such as train stations and hospitals, they have the opportunity to reduce costs related to marketing their brand. Consumer’s buyer behaviour is influenced by their education, upbringing, history and culture (page 46,47Chapter 2) and the Mackay’s have targeted a diverse, broad market of people with limited time, such as; workers in hospitals, people visiting sick, commuters that use public transport, teenage boys at sporting complexes that may not have the opportunity to shop during regular business hours or purely for convenience. (page 228 Chapter 6) The Fruit Bars are physically available to consumers to buy the product at literally anytime of the day.
By evaluating market research, and customer satisfaction, the company understands the target market’s needs. The Mackay’s have been able to plan and create strategies to ensure an extended product life cycle. (Lecture 5/Chapter 7) They have adapted to customer feedback by starting with just their