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Evolution of article 4

You arrive in front of a large crowd screaming and shouting, you stare into the crowd as they stare back and evaluate every inch of your body. “Sold!” Your life now has a price tag and you will be forced to some sort of wageless labor for the rest of your life. Sounds almost unimaginable doesn't it? This is called slavery. Human right number 4 according to the declaration of human rights is a ban on slavery. Well believe it or not, this has been happening around the world since the beginning of time and if it wasn't for the people who have fought for slavery, african americans would still be enslaved and alvery could be even worse today..
Nowadays though, Slavery is just as big of a problem today as it has ever been. After african americans were given their freedoms most people thought that slavery had ended in mostly all forms, but that is totally not true, we need to raise awareness for this issue and make people acknowledge that slavery has not ended.
Slavery has been happening around the world since the beginning of time on this earth.
“Many Americans tend to believe that slavery ended after african americans were given their freedoms and that it only started after the transatlantic slave trade, when black men and women were brought over seas in the bottom of very crammed boats for months.” African americans have been victim to most of all slavery in the history of the world but not all. Infact in the early ages (about 7th century) Greece and Rome relied heavily on slave labor for agriculture and got

most of their slaves from Africa but not all. Think about how long ago the 7th century was. It is hard to acquire a lot of facts about ancient slavery because lack of data (HISTORY OF
SLAVERY). Back then slavery was a normalcy, you were either born into slavery, or born into wealth. So many facts and data were not recorded because of that reason. The truth of the matter is that slavery hasn't just been happening over the past couple centuries with African americans it has been going on since the beginning of time and slavery could still be a normalcy if not for the people who stood up to stop it.
Could you imagine having to go to a separate school as a black person or even being punished for even speaking with one? This could have easily been society today if not for the men and women who risked and gave their lives for the freedom of their fellow race. In the early
1800s slavery looked to be the foundation of america for even centuries to come. In 1831 Nat
Turner, an enslaved black preacher, lead the most significant slave uprising in American history.
It was a short violent raid but it was the first of its kind. But more importantly, it gave other american americans hope. Hope that there are others out there who are willing to fight for the same cause that they knew was wrong. This was the beginning of the abolitionist movement meanwhile John Quincey Adams believed in the power of the president and believed in the abolishment of president. He promoted the fact that the president as the commander and chief in all his powers, could stop and abolish slavery himself. Which later happened with Abraham
Lincoln who in 1863 ended slavery with the emancipation proclamation and the thirteenth amendment in 1865 banning slavery throughout the united states. These men are just a few of the many influential people who helped end slavery in the united states. They stood up for what was right even though they could receive major consequences. Without men and women like this,

african american slavery may still be going on till this day in America. Even though african american slavery is not going on present day, slavery in general still is. It is a way bigger