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The article I chose is titled: “ Health Officials Try to Quell Fear of Ebola Spreading by Air Travel”. It was written by Nick Cumming-Bruce on August 14, 2014 and was published in The New York Times Newspaper.®ion=Header&action=click&contentCollection=Health&pgtype=article

The article talks about fears of a possible spread of a deadly virus known as the Ebola virus, which originated in Africa, due to international travel. Some airlines have gone as far as cancelling flights to West Africa. The World Health Organization (W.H.O) tweeted a message stating they were disappointed in the decision some airlines made to not fly to western Africa, stating: “ Its hard to save lives if we & other health workers cannot get in”. The illness has affected countries in West Africa such as Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Nigeria. Airlines have also stopped flying to Kenya, which is a major hub to countries affected. So far its been established that 1,069 people have died in four different countries due to the virus. Airlines have taken preventative measures to screen passengers for any signs of fever or other symptoms to prevent transmission.

In my opinion the audience for this article is the general public. The article was written to educate people on the virus and how it can quickly spread. They also provide tips on how airlines and health organizations are taking measures to prevent virus from spreading any further. I do believe that the article was very successful and effective in accomplishing its purpose. Reading strategies utilized on my behalf were reading the article several times as well as summarizing the main points and looking at not only statistics on the virus but also skimming through other articles on the virus.
The other articles I visited to better