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Article Analysis
Negotiations can be if on a global level a very complex process and harmful to many people. Many times they will see large corporations and the government make deal by negotiating with one another are beneficial to them only. Individual at times have different wants and needs, they will negotiate with one another and come to an agreement. They may at times see things differently because they see it in a different perspective and may interoperate it differently. When negotiating both parties meet to come to an agreement or to solve a problem that they have with one another gives them an opportunity to meet with one another to discuss what is needed to conclude the negotiation by any means possible. Whether via voice call e-mail or text message. This paper will review an article about globalization and the technologies impact on negotiation by analyzing and article that deals with a global topic of importance.
Article Analysis
The article selected is a negotiation concerning tobacco, and the health issues that can arise from smoking. In the article Dr, Brundtland wants to reduce the use of tobacco that people use in the world. He explains the harmful use that tobacco can have on individuals who use the products. He reaches out globally to try to make people see how harmful the tobacco use is on a global level. It is not just in one-country is a global issue that needs to be addressed.
Dr. Brundtland goal for the negotiation is to establish laws that reduce the usage of tobacco and inform people of the harmful effects that the use of tobacco can do to them. To do this Dr. Brundtland will try to persuade the people involved in the negotiation by using scientific information and many types of technology that show what tobacco can do to a person after use. The negotiation went on to state that individual in the tobacco industry need to find a different career in a different industry the one they are currently in. The article went into detail on how tobacco users could use less and the side effects that come from overlong usage. By taxing, limiting advertisement, use restrictions, and the different way the growers could make money other than the manufacturing of tobacco. Therefore, making it cheaper to keep from smoking by restricting it. In the article it also stated ho countries could benefit from the taxation of tobacco by increasing it revenue on the taxation of tobacco products.
The article addressed the health issues and how they could be effective on the health of everyone on a global scale. The main goal of the negotiation was to try convincing