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Triumph, justice and history, was made yesterday comrades, as you all will know. Our strength in our beliefs has once again drove Jones and his men of our rightful land and home. We proved our retaliation against Jones was not just luck, no we showed Jones and the humans we are the true masters of civilization with the strength and determination in our beliefs we have shown them we will never lose against such impassionate, lazy creatures, they have offered us and the land nothing but destruction and undernourishment . This final battle has shown them no matter what machine of destruction and torture they bring to us we will conquer them as we will rather die than lead the life they have forced us to live, we have proven we are the true masters of the land. The name of the farm is now Animal Farm and let us never forget why it is named that, and the history that was behind the fight for those words. Those words are a constant reminder to us where we live, we are now no longer tenants of the land we are the owners of the land and we have proven that for a second time now, those words are there to remind us 4 legs good 2 legs pure evil. No longer are the days where Mr. Jones and for that fact any other human being forgets to feed his animals, because we won’t let it happen comrades, we feed ourselves now!
Before the retaliation, the farm was amazingly racist on animals were at different ranks; dogs were loved by the humans and had a life to roam the land and enjoy themselves however on the other side of the scale pigs despite their intelligence were locked in pens, fed and fattened in order to feed the humans. There is now no inequality amongst animals now comrades every animal is exactly the same. Even our leaders are equal to us as proven by snowball with his leadership and courage as he fought off five humans, his courage leading to taking a shotgun pellets to the back, despite this brutal injury he got up and fought for his beliefs, he didn’t let other animals fight for him because he is no more important than any other animal he is just another humble and brilliant animal. Thanks to snowballs careful planning of the battle we were able to fight wisely and tactically, despite the incredible planning of the battle snowball couldn’t prevent the deaths of the sheep and any other animal killed, however despite dying in battle their deaths haven’t been in vain their beliefs have come true even though not being able to feel the benefits war I’m sure given the choice beforehand they would have gladly died in the name of freedom! Many of you will remember the speech that started our retaliation given by old major, in his speech he asked the question, what is the meaning of our lives? Now we can finally answer, the meaning of our lives is to be free.

Injustice and corruption has plagued our farms. A few weeks ago most of you will already know farm animals retaliated against their owner, Mr. Jones a highly respected farmer in the farming community, and took the farm. They are apparently led by pigs and say they have retaliated because of unjust treatment, Mr. Jones and his men tried to reclaim the farm yesterday they went unarmed as not to hurt their beloved animals that have turned miraculously against them. The animals claim as I have already said is that they feel there treatment is unjust, even though…