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Article Annotations Prompt

Each student will write article summaries known as an annotated bibliography (see syllabus for due dates). These summaries should:

1) Summarize the content of the readings.
2) Critically analyze the article—what do you think about the logic of the author?-include a critique of methods, assumptions, analysis and conclusion. This is not an invitation for you to say whether or not you liked the article, but rather to think critically about it.
3) Include any questions/comments that the readings generated for you. Be prepared to share and discuss the articles and your comments in class.

Each week you will complete annotations for each article that we read. (You do not have to complete annotations for the Lavenda and Schultz chapters or other websites.) Type these up in one document that you print out and bring to class the day they are due. You should write approximately 200 words (2 paragraphs) for each reading. Because they are intended to facilitate understanding of that week’s readings and discussion, I will not accept late annotation assignments.

Example: (would probably receive a B due to not enough critical analysis).

King, Dorothy (2006). The Elgin Marbles. London, England: Hutchinson. In this book, King describes the history of the Elgin marbles in full detail. King discusses the very beginnings of the Parthenon, including how it came to be, how it was used throughout the years as places, such as a church at one point, the many battles it survived, and the very structure of the Parthenon itself. King then goes into further detail as to how Lord Elgin came about to obtain the marbles and ship them out of Athens to the British Museum. As a result, one of the main points of discussion is the debate over the marbles. King voices both sides of the controversy and gives opinions from both the Greek and British…