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Memorandum To: Roland Nord From: Christopher Oloko (Eng 271W-01) Date: April 21, 2015 Re: Description of a research article (Article_desc_TCO.docx)
The purposes for this assignment are to develop my research and documentation skills to translate technical information as clear as possible

Since my major is manufacturing engineering, I have highlighted and analyzed the following article for this assignment:
Lee, W.I., Chiu, Y. T., Liu, C.C. and Chen, C.Y. 2011. Assessing the Effects of Consumer Involvement and Service Quality in a Self-Service Setting. Hum. Factors Man. 21: 504–515.
The authors follow a typical structure organization (problem-solution) pattern for a research article. I’ve used the following headings from the article to create the following outline:
Theoretical Background Tam Consumer Involvement Service Quality
Data Collection Measurement Design Validity and Reliability Analysis
Conclusion Theoretical Implication Management Implication Further Direction
In the intro, the authors identify a topic (looking at consumer involvement in service quality), an issue (evaluating service quality from human interactions), and review of literature.
In the theoretical background, they give a brief history on previous studies.
In the methodology, they explain how their study was designed.
In the results, they displayed the final calculations and feasibility.
In the conclusion, the authors reviewed findings, suggest options, and propose further research.
The journal uses an author-year system
Page layout (headers, margins, columns, etc.)
The headers of this article include the article title and the abbreviation et al. which means and others. The footers contain the page number, the journal title, the ISSN, E-ISSN, date, and copyright.
The margins are 1’’ on the left and right sides (normal set margins)
The page is divided into 2