World AIDS Day: China's Strange Prejudice Against AIDS Patients

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Khazan, Olga “World AIDS Day: China’s strange prejudice against AIDS patients”, December 1,2012

My article is about how the media is focused on the global HIV/AIDS. It’s also about how china is prejudice against Aids. In addition it’s about the nurses and their tough day job dealing with these people that should seemingly be avoided like the plague. This article is mainly about China and how many are being pushed away because they have HIV. The rest of the article talks about the HIV clinic and how many exaggerate, and talk awful about people with aids. People with aids sometimes are treated unfair and aren’t treated with the same rights. This has been happening frequently and lately. Mainly all the most prejudice people in china, also HIV-positive individuals are involved. This is happening and being talked about because there are many people all around the world have HIV/AIDS.

I chose this article because it seemed to caught my eye. It interested me because hearing stories of HIV/AIDS is very entertaining because anybody could have it or it can be transmitted and most of us have to be careful every time we get intimate. What interested me was knowing that Chinese citizens can be fired from their jobs or evicted from their homes on the basis of their HIV status, and some provinces ban HIV-positive people from working in food service or using swimming pools. Reading that part kind of bugged me because that’s really mean, sometimes some people are born with it or get it accidently nobody would like to be treated unfair. I also learned that about some 45 other countries and territories impose