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Article of the Week #18
“Why is America’s Internet so Slow?” By John Aziz/
“Zuckerberg: These Internet Services Should be Free for everyone” by Kurt Wagner America’s internet is lacking in speed and quality because of the monopolies on internet service. Thanks to the divided market the colossal companies have grown and the small businesses have either stagnated or run out of business. This means no competition for the giant enterprises. The Telecommunication Act of 1996 was supposed to promote competition with the less regulated markets, as well as give everyone free internet access. Mark Zuckerberg is trying to do the same thing by giving internet access for free. In the end the act fell through and the companies that were getting paid to do just grew larger. Other countries have more regulated markets that don’t allow consolidation of a market to start in the first place. Since there is more regulation there is more room for competition. The telecommunication companies need to figure of that their service is sub-par and America needs to put regulations in the market or the quality won’t improve. There are only a handful of companies that have the consolidation of the market although there is an upcoming competitor. A couple of years ago Google announced that they will be providing an internet service that is up to a hundred times faster than the leading competitors speeds. Google is trying this service in a couple of cities. With the incoming competition companies are trying to raise their speed. AT&T has put an offer of up to 300mb/s. Google fiber is giving the push towards better speeds in all of the companies if they want to stay afloat. Studies have shown that the current wiring can hold a steady speed of 3 GB/s. Companies have no reason to raise it nearly as fast because they don’t have to. Hopefully Google Fiber makes other companies improve their service and America will have better internet. The internet here is a mess. To pay two times as much for ten percent…