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After reading a couple of articles I select the controversy of supporting the legalization of marijuana in the U.S. Personally I’m not agree with this article specifically in this paragraph, and cite: “The position on the effects of marijuana and that increasingly means less than smoking is morally wrong has changed over time”. This section of the article in my opinion is not sustainable; he’s expressing his opinion of it. This article represents the felling of what public? The age of the public in the survey is very important, in the last generation the message that we send is that the marijuana is medicinal, as effect they will vote supporting to the legalization. In addition, whit this legalization what guaranty we have that they combine the marijuana with other substances like crack, whit this combination in our streets we will have more accidents, people with overdose and other health problems.
Analyzing the article is very complete and represents credibility, they use statistics comparing years before as today. Also they complement the article with this information, and cite: “Colorado became the first country to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes. In addition, the state of Washington also considers legalizing drugs in mid-2014, while New York provides flex their marijuana laws to authorize a limited drug to seriously ill patients use, according to the newspaper The New York Times. Marijuana for medical purposes is already legal and is regulated in 19 states. And in most of these, its recreational use is not considered a crime”. This information represent that the author indirectly is agree with this project, it never mention the secondary effects of this measure. In this article I could identify as a