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Article Rebuttal
Annette Marquez
April 22, 2014
Michael Sanderson

Article Rebuttal
The article chosen was based upon a survey given to teens about how social has a positive effect on their daily life. The survey reflected opinions of teenagers which is possibly not the most reliable source out there for this type of topic. The article stated that teenagers feel that social media has helped them in keeping in contact with friends as well as kept them up to date with certain things. One in five said using social-networking sites make them feel more popular thus making them more confident in themselves. Although the survey did show that some teenagers were feeling a little bit of social media fatigue; meaning they do get a little bit weary of the constant need to check their sites (mainly phones) several times throughout the day and many as often as several times throughout the hour ("The Washington Post", 1996-2014).
Although it is unfair to say the opinion of teenagers is unreliable completely, we must also look at the hard evidence. Being a social media user herself, the writer of this paper has seen many posts on social media where teenagers are posting or reposting messages speaking negatively about others namely those which they go to school with. With the rise of social media comes along the rise of cyber bullying. Also teenagers are constantly becoming consumed by the way they are perceived by others and changing who they are in negative ways. For example young girls are now dressing differently