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Research Article Breifing1

Communication apprehension among master’s of business administration students: Investigating a gap in communication education
(John Burk, 2009)

Name: Yawen Hao
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Published on 2009, this research article, which was written by John Burk, was a pioneer research on communication apprehension with masters of business administration students. Using the questionnaire as the main method, the researcher provided several variables which affected the level of students’ communication apprehension, and offered recommends for solving this apprehension.

Among the students majored in masters of business administration (short for MBA), the level of communication apprehension (short for CA) has not been researched exhaustively so far, which provided a chance for the researcher to do a pioneer investigation related this topic. In addition, students with MBA education confront a communication world both in internal organization environment and external corporate environment. This means a highly expectation of their communication skills. However, previous research indicates an insufficient communication curriculum among MBA students, (Pincus, Rayfield, and Ohl, 1994, cited in John, 2009). Consequently, in some organizations, even consultants have been hired to offer communication education to the graduate. (Feinberg & Pritzker, 1985; Yates,1983, cited in John, 2009). The communication skill they need could not be satisfied by the MBA graduates.
To look in to this phenomenon, the researcher uses questionnaire research with special instrument and regression analysis, which will be discussed in detail as follow:

Methodology and procedure:
In the research procedure, the researcher used questionnaire with several hypothetical independent variables, which may affect the communication apprehension. Sample was chosen in a large Midwestern university, and students were all from MBA. By responding the questionnaire, the results of students’ questionnaire were related to the dependent variable PRCA-24 scores, to check their level of communication apprehension and also the influence factor of the apprehension.
Before the questionnaire, the researcher asked 4 hypothetical questions which will be answered after the research to provide the results. Besides, the researcher also used instrument for helping cross-reference.
Hypothetical question 1 and result:
“RQ1: Do MBA students have levels of CA comparable to the national average?”
With the dependent variable turns out to be 64.93, which is slightly lower than the national average level, the answer for this question is definitely “Yes”. Nevertheless, the final scores indicate a distribution in normal level, and proved that the MBA students are not a “unique sample”.
Another founding from this score is it subverts the previous research that the undergraduates’ students with highly CA will give up their degree and leave school. Instead of dropping off, those students chosen to continue their degree and even to a higher level, which could be a positive finding.
Hypothetical question 2 and result:
“RQ2:What particulare communication contexts co-occur with higher levels of CA among MBA students?”
“Meeting ” and “Public speaking” outpaced “Group” and “Dyadic” become the highest two situations which were worried by MBA students in this part.
Hypothetical question 3 and result:
“RQ3: What independent variables significantly predicted the PRCAtotal scores over and above a linear combination of the variables?”
The analysis indicated that students with business related background turned out to have a higher level of CA than those majored in math related students. Therefore, the undergraduate major is one vital impact of the PRCA total scores. Besides, culture was also be proved to be a core variable,
Hypothetical question 4 and result:
RQ4: What independent