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Article Review- Emanuella Garcia SOCI 201-DO1 The article that I read about is called the School-Based Groups to Support Multiethnic Sexual Minority Youth Resiliency: Preliminary Effectiveness. This article was very interesting to read and I really enjoyed it. This article was basically about the youth which was called the sexual minority youth (SMY). This group of youth faces many changes and challenges in their life because they are different from the rest of the youth. These teenagers in the program worry about their sexual and gender identities. A group of people about these groups of teenagers and this dealt with the Affirmative Supportive Safe and Empowering Talk (ASSET) and a group called LGBTQ. The study basically did the experiment on a multiethnic sexual minority youth group of people. The study showed the self-esteem, the coping of group activity at baseline, and social connectedness in the completion of the ASSET intervention study. The models in the study showed that self-esteem and proactive coping increased a lot in every subgroup that was in the study. The social connectedness stayed the same through the whole experimental study. The sexual minority youth is a very vulnerable population in the youth community and they are at risk a lot of times. Most of their risks comes from mental and emotional health. This group is basically the homosexual youth and they have a harder time than the heterosexual teenagers. These teenagers have a hard time coping in society because of how other people look at them and their self-esteem is not confidant most of the time. This youth group suffers higher rates in involvement in crime, depression, suicidal, homeless, depression, and self-harm. In this experiment the people that conducted the study found out that the use of substance abuse was used more in the homosexual group than the heterosexual (straight group of teenagers). The article School-Based Groups to Support Multiethnic Sexual Minority Youth Resiliency: Preliminary Effectiveness basically has the main point of talking about the group of teenage youth that was called sexual minority youth. This topic was basically talking about the difficultness of this