Exposures Influence On Sexual Activities In Youth

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Exposures Influence on Sexual Activities in Youth

Exposures Influence on Sexual Activities in Youth According to the article by Price and Hyde, an abstract contains a brief but information packed summary of the whole article. Once through the abstract the reader moves on to the introduction. The introduction basically gives the reader a longer overview of the paper and introduces everything to the reader. Next is the method and it contains the participants, procedure, measures, and statistical analysis. The participants section clearly lays out who will be partaking in the study and how they will be followed and observed. In the procedure and measures it gives a detailed yet to the point explanation of what exactly they will be doing. The statistical analysis outlines if all the variables are correct and air-tight. The next big section is results. This lays out what was observed and collected. This is also where charts, tables, and graphs are displayed to analyze the data. Discussion is the section that the conclusions are found and discussed; where the authors take into consideration all factors of the study. And lastly is the reference section. This is where credit is given to all the contributing writers and the information gathered for the one study and article. In summary, the article “When Two Isn’t Better Than One: Predictors of Early Sexual Activity in Adolescence Using a Cumulative Risk Model” talks about the correlation between certain variables and the advancement in sexual behaviors in 13-15-year-old boys and girls. They hypothesized that more exposure to risk factors leads to a hastier approach to sexual activities (Price & Hyde , 2009). Through thorough studying and observation they proved that their hypothesis was correct; there is a direct relationship between the sexual debut of young boys and girls and risk factors. As stated in the USA Today article by Elias, Price and Hyde believe there is a connection between things such as TV watching and parenting to how early a boy or girl will begin their sexual activity (Elias, 2007). The article mainly focuses on how much TV a child watches and what type of TV it is. The article says that Price and Hyde have come to the conclusion that kids who tend to watch more TV are generally the kids that are left by themselves with little parental authority and that makes an impact on early sexual behaviors.